What's Easter like?



So I've been here since mid-January (hello heatwave) and leaving mid-April. My sister and her husband are coming to visit from Canada, arriving on Good Friday, and I'm trying to figure out what we can do over Easter weekend that will be open.

I'm thinking maybe we can go down to the ecological reserve and rent some bikes and go around, have a choripan... will some of those places be operating? what will the businesses in san telmo and palermo be up to, or museums? i'm sure i could look some of this up, but if anyone has suggestions or experiences so i have an idea of where to look and where not to bother, i'd be grateful.

Surely some others in town must be wondering the same thing :)



well all the restaurants ,bars,museums etc will be open because the locals tend to go to these types of places during holidays(bank),In my time here(5 years)I,ve been amazed at the amount of places that actually DO open.Enjoy,regards Howard