Whats the name of the big outdoor market in the southern suburbs?


Mar 18, 2008
Somebody mentioned it in the last month or so, and I could swear I bookmarked a link to it, but now I cant find it. Its in a park or racetrack down around Villa Riachuelo, and its like an american "flea market" where most of the stuff is actually new, not antiques like at plaza Dorrego.

La Salada

Mecca of all "ropa trucha" counterfeit garments, don't expect to buy any originally branded garments over there, if you do you will be duped, if you don't expect that then it will be fun...be aware.

"La Salada (Buenos Aires, Argentina). This is the largest of more than 40 large, well established markets in Buenos Aires that have been cited as being heavily involved in the sale of counterfeit goods. An estimated 6,000 vendors sell to 20,000 customers daily. The market is reputed to be a haven for organized criminal gangs that operate from within it, resulting in little to no IPR enforcement."
A trip to La Salada will certainly be an experience, but if you look like a foreigner I wouldn't go alone, that's for sure. It's featured regularly on Documentales America and Policias en Accion etc. And I wouldn't take a car, it may be stripped down by the time you leave!
I've been to La Salada and while there were many clothing bargains, it's not a pretty place, dirt roads and pathways with makeshift stands so when you come back to the city don't be surprised if you are coughing up dirt for the next few days. Plus it's quite a trip to get there, it's in Zona Sur, Lomas de Zamora. You have to take the colectivo #114 to Puente La Noria then get to La Salada from there. I prefer doing my shopping at the ferias in the galpones next to Retiro train station. A lot of the same merchandise as they sell in La Salada, more people, safer and open 24 hours. There are also tons of bargains to be found at the shops in Once around Plaza Miserere. Some of the stands in La Salada buy wholesale goods in Once. Have fun shopping!