What's the story on Salta?


Mar 8, 2009
Anybody have any first hand knowledge?

How is similar / dissimilar to BA?
BA and Salta have got NOTHING in common (except for being in the same country).
Well, they do speak the same language -- sort of. Markedly different accents.
same antecedents? or Indioso? Culture totally dissimilar?

(I guess I have to go visit there too:)
Calle Balcare, San Lorenzo and the country golf club are pretty nice but you would probally have to really enjoy to be at home because otherwise you will be pretty bored
Super cool area, lots of history. The empanadas are spicy, the NW reminds me of Palm Springs. The road south to Cafayate goes thru an amazing gorge/canyon. Prices are cheaper and it is mostly off the international tourist radar. Check out a folklore show as well.
rivardco said:
Are the people more Indian or from immigrant stock?

They still are mostly immigrant stock, but they've got a fair representation of Indian. (I could just go off on a un-PC tangent right now, but I'll refrain.)

It's got a pedestrian street that ends up at Plaza San Martin, kind of like another city I know...

But it like Albuquerque or something. South, on the road from Salta to Cafayate, it's like going through New Mexico & Arizona (not Palm Springs) because there is a ton of red clay stuff.

Salta is kind of the gateway to the Indigenous areas. North, in the Jujuy province, you have Pumamarca, Salinas, Tilcara, Humuaca (sp? on all of them) where you can buy really cheap wool hats and hooded sweaters that scream "I'm a tourist who traveled to the north!!!:eek:" You will be totally unique, just like 10s of thousands of other tourists. (Count me as one of those unics.)

And as slow as Buenos Aires is, Salta is much much slower.
rivardco said:
Anybody have any first hand knowledge?

How is similar / dissimilar to BA?

Salta is a beautiful province & the capital city (Salta) is really something else. Those who only remember Balcarce street or the golf club have no appreciation for its unique culture & history (too bad they missed it!).
I recommend that you visit the "Casa de Salta" (just a few stepts from the Obelisco) to get the best information. Here's the link: http://www.casadesalta.gov.ar/
I am planning on traveling to Salta in two weeks. I have not been able to find any information of whether Dengue is still a threat in that area (though I know that now it's out-of-season). Does anyone have any thoughts on this?