When I re-enter Argentina via EZE with my new iPhone 12 Pro, ipad, macbook etc, will the aduana charge me fees

I am actually serious. You should see the new segway electric gokarts. There is a circuito in the Pueblo where my kids live so it would be a ton of fun to have a gokart there.
Fiscal, I knew you were serious. These things do exist and it is within the scope of bringing one to the country. (You are right, THEY ARE AWESOME! I'd love to be 5, 6 or 7 years old again with a serious toy like this!!!)
Thank you this is really helpful. I am fine paying el arancel on the gokart but I also carry multiple iphones, computers and tablets. It would be a small fortune to pay tariffs on all them if the Aduana told me to empty my pockets.
Fiscal, Some advice to consider:

If you can afford it, pay it! It's far easier to take one trip, then return with your goodies, paying the import tariff if ordered to do so. I think that is far easier than making multiple trips. I think the cost would come close to the same overall. (What's your time worth?) (Then your effort?)

I think with the reduction of people making their way into the country that aduanas its more focused on each traveler. ie you get more scrutiny because there is more time to dedicate to less people. So, the likelihood of getting "DINGED" is greater.

No one likes to pay taxes, but it wouldn't stop me from living my life, doing what I need to or want to do.

Think about it.