When will Argentina be open for tourists to enter?


Hi folks,

Any concrete info or even educated guesses as to when things will fully open up for tourists?



There is talk within the government and industry about opening to tourists from OCT/ NOV. What is unclear is if it will again be limited to tourists resident in neighboring countries in the first phase, like it was briefly last year, with residents of other countries (US/ Europe etc.) following at a later stage. Any guess of when you personally will be able to enter should also consider the health situation of the country where you are resident and your vaccination status since a blanket reopening like Peru did recently is less likely in an Argentine context which has to date always erred on the side of caution.


My best guess? Gradual opening in late October. Initially neighboring countries. Alternatively, a white and black lists of countries will be created based on number of cases there and vaccinated tourists from the white list with a pcr could travel, similar to the UK system. Regardless most tourists historically are from neighboring counties and as such they are priority for the local business. Especially the Brazilians. I do think Europeans and American ma will make a comeback by Dec/Jan thou. But who knows.


i wonder if these election results will spur the ruling party to accelerate reopening and open borders sooner in October. I wouldn't be surprised, they need to open up the economy fast if they want to prevent an absolute rout in November.