Where are the beaches in BA?


Feb 27, 2007
Hey everyone -
I am quite excited for my trip to BA in a few days...
I've been researching where the best beaches in BA are, but I can't really find exact locations. I love the sun and the beach and plan on sunbathing for the majority of March. Does anyone have any tips on where the best beaches are?
I am living in recoleta (Vicente Lopez Street) - are there any beaches in or around that location?
Thanks for your help!
Haha. You'll now discover why everyone goes away somewhere else for some sun.
However, in BA I did find a beach of sorts in the nature preserve near Puerto Madero. There's some rocky beaches looking out on the lovely brown waters of the river. You can also watch ships go by and old guys fishing off the walkway wharf thing. They rents bikes on the weekend at the preserve so riding around can be fun as well. The only downside is the place is considered a gay male pickup spot and can be isolated. I never had a problem though other than a few guys making eye contact as I walked by. There were women on "beach" alone as well and even a couple kids who thankfully never went into the water.
By the way, there's a tourist info booth on the walkway along the docks in Puerto Madero. They can give you a more detailed map of the preserve and info on how to get in and where to rent bikes if you want. I also like the Asado street booths that used to always be around.
Beaches in Ba are beautiful presented on The Rio de la Plata . Swim in pristine waters off Martinez with sand that would not look out of place in the carribean .
They say the water is so clean that you can drink it straight from river to mouth .
Take the Train de la Costa to see the carribean coast of Buenos Aires
thanks for the advice, guys! i really appreciate it. im really happy ive found this group.
so how long is the train ride to the rio de la plata? is it expensive?
also, how long is the summer weather supposed to last? long enough for a gal to get a nice tan?
lol -- sorry Nicole if you haven't been here before you wouldn't have any idea that Pericles' remarks were tongue-in-cheek.
The Rio de la Plata is a sediment-dense river -- Buenos Aires sits at the bottom of it, where it pours into the Atlantic. The sediment comes down from Paraguay and has created the 3rd largest (I believe? someone can correct me) delta in the world (Mekong, Nile, here I believe).
So what does this mean for you? Brown, brown, brown water -- visible from space, or so Google Earth would have you believe -- have a look, you'll see what I mean.
Also, the water not that clean (and I'm trying to be nice when I say that...)
Anyway, most people do go to the coast, which is 5 hours away. For more local sunbathing you can go to the parks (you'll see lots of people in bathing suits). At Peru Beach in Zona Norte (about 45 mins to the north, about $1 on the train) you can take a cocktail at one of the clubs on the lawn at the side of the river. (Remember it's a river, so not much beachfront)
Also, remember that March is = to September/October in the Northern Hemisphere, so it will be starting to cool off. However, end of season means that you may be able to get cheaper accomodation in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
p.s. have you been to Punta del Este? would it be worth a quick flight there?
How are the beaches in Mar Del Plata? I know that a lots of Argentines spend their vacation there.
Go to Uruguy via the Buquebus from puerto Madero, it is a quick ride on the fast boat, then from Montevideo you can get to some nice beaches pretty easily to the east.