Where are the Canadians...?


Sep 22, 2009
I haven't met anyone here yet from Canada...
I cant be the only one...

oh where oh where are you....?

hola! i'm here! haha! i just moved from california, but i'm originally canadian! i have decided though that canadians don't really venture to this part of the world. we should find more!
yeah....but you're californianized....you can count how many times i say "eh" in a convo...im trying to find some...not that it matters....Canada is just roped in with American anyway....so what brings you here
Canadians are on their way well at least one.. (my hubby is a kiwi). Be there in November and then February to settle in for a long term stay!
Canadians are here, but we behave the way we do in most expat situations -- we don't congregate! I've lived in a whole bunch of different cities and I've only ever really known one other Canadian. We tend to eye each other suspiciously, thinking "hey, I'm supposed to be the only Canadian at this party"!

I think we tend to live a lower profile expat life than other nationalities. The only time I've seen a huge congregation of Canadians is in London on Canada Day at the Maple Leaf pub, and even then if you start asking around you'll find out that half the people there are Brits, Kiwis, Aussies, or something else.

I'm Canadian, I have 2 Canadian friends in town, one of whom is leaving soon. So it will be down to me and my quebecoise friend. There's a few others on the board but don't know if they live here permanently.

If you're missing Canada the CBC has a bunch of podcasts on iTunes.

And you'll soon find out that you want, you could watch more Canadian Content here than you'd probably ever bother to at home. Seriously, there's that new series Flashpoint, they show DaVinci's Inquest on some channel, Hallmark is basically all Canadian crappy movie of the weeks, and the Cosmo channel shows a bunch of made-in-Toronto TV series that I've never heard of. Oh and Bravo and a bunch of channels.

They're spreading Canada throughout the world.... no one realises it, it's a typically innocuous Canadian invention, slowly take over the world with no one noticing. Plant some expats around the world, send our actors and entertainers abroad, make sure that even Argentine radio stations have at least 10% CanCon (seriously, start listening to Aspen and some of the other channels and you'd think the CRTC was all over them about upping their CanCon) You can read the newspapers online, you can even find Margaret Atwood in Spanish if you're missing CanLit.

We're even down here helping the Argentines get their Nuclear Plants back on task (way to go, Atomic Energy of Canada, throw billions of dollars away at home, but make sure that CANDU reactors are up and running around the world).

One thing I can say about living here is that you don't realise just how much we infiltrate the world until you live in Argentina. Oh, those vitamins you buy here? Good old Canadian imports. I even saw Adidas selling a Canadian Flag jacket last year. There's a restaurant on Rivadavia called Toronto.

Believe me, in a way, we are everywhere. It's downright creepy.
I took my Spanish lessons with a Canadian couple 2 1/2 years ago, but other than that, I haven't run into many. There were some Latino Canadians that I met 2 1/2 years ago that were doing a semester at UCA,ut only about 3 or 4.

I think that they get lost in Europe chasing their ancestry and forget to come down to South America.
add 2 more Cdn's to the list , well 1 and 1/2 anyways... living in Palermo.:D
I say I am Canadian if I'm asked in a taxi.. So, do I count? :) I'm "from" Vancouver. haha