Where can I buy food coloring?


Mar 9, 2007
Does anyone know where I can get food coloring? I can't find it in any grocery stores in my area. I want my green beer!
Doña Clara
Avenida Corrientes 2561

They have pretty much everything to do with baking and it is a virtual aladdin's cave of cooking stuff. It is like a cross between a pound (dollar) store and a cooking gadget emporium. They also carry all kinds of spices and ingredients I haven't seen elsewhere.

They have a web site: http://donaclara.com.ar/ but it doesn't show everything in terms of ingredients. I would be pretty sure they have green food colouring though.

(although I would never adulterate my Guinness when drowning the shamrock)
What about the supermarket, perhaps, Jumbo, carrefour or Coto, near sugar and cakes? Thats where i usually find food coloring. Ask for "productos para reposteria"

Avda Corrientes is a bit out of my way, but I will try stopping by Coto later today. I went to Carrefour yesterday and didn't find it.

Thank you both for the help and have a Happy St. Patty's!

Look for a Reposteria -- there is usually one in every neighbourhood, sometimes is a section of the Cotillon -- party supply / costume shop place.
yes, look for a " casa de reposteria" or "cotillon" you won´t find it at supermarkets
Went to Coto and no luck. I'll try to find a casa de reposteria or cotillon place around here. Thanks!
Here in Argentina, I have never seen liquid food coloring like we have in the states, but easily you can find the same kind that comes in a paste like we use for coloring icing in the states. That you can find in any costillon.