Where can mom get face/tummy tucks when she visits me?


Aug 27, 2009

To encourage my 86-year-old mother to visit, I told her she could always combine it with a little cosmetic surgery and recuperate before she goes back.

I think she'd find better options in BA and Rosario than here in San Nicolas. Please offer tips on how to go about finding a great doctor, a place for her to stay, and any ideas on prices....She thinks a face lift, tummy tuck, and breast realignment would be just marvelous. (She has always looked great and keeps in terrific shape...I should be so lucky!)

is the age right??? 86??? and she wants all that surgery.....
Every time you go under anaesthetics it's a risk, and a lot of doctors won't want to risk that at her age, especially the tummy tuck which is major surgery.

The above poster has a point, I'm not sure that your mum will have much luck finding a surgeon that will operate on her at that age, and if she does, be careful and get references.

I mentioned the Centro Barrancas in Belgrano, their doctors are very good, but I know for my 73 year old mum they were only willing to do certain surgeries and she's already decided that she will not have anymore at this age as there are risks involved.

Why not non-invasive procedures? Chemical peels, botox etc... She won't have the same problems finding someone to treat her when they are procedures that do not involve anaesthesia.
I know I am just finding this link a bit late, but are you still looking for information? I know a great surgeon here in Buenos Aires who has done a fellowship in the US and operates at the best sanatorio in BA. I would definitely recommend a consultation with him; let me know if you still need information.