Where does one stock up (in San Telmo?)


Jul 12, 2009
I'm arriving on the 30th and would like to set about stocking up right away, given that I'm sure not too much will be available on the 1st (when my roommate/friend arrives).

I will be living in San Telmo. Is there some sort of WalMart in the area (to buy a hairdryer, perhaps some cables, a mini fan, various toiletries I won't bring with me) ? And what about grocery stores - are there many around (Parc Lezama) ? OH - and a SIM card for my cell.

Also, a recommended salon if possible (for hair products and maybe a cut, pedicure). (Again, in San Telmo or even Puerto Madero)

Everything I am familiar with is in Palermo and though I will no doubt be spending time there it would be nice to be able to get those small errands done close to home.

I'm not very familiar with San Telmo but I do know some things about the SIM card. First you have to make sure that you phone is unlocked. Once that is done then you can go to any provider like Claro (boo), MoviStar, or Personal (my favorite). You can find stores everywhere you go. You can buy a SIM w/o contract and use a tarjeta to load minutes onto it. I believe if you want a contract plan you would have to buy a new phone as well.
There's a supermarket on calle Brazil that's decent, it's 2 blocks towards Estacion de Independencia from Park Lezama.
Uhmm..... Did you do your research? San Telmo isn't remotely the same as Palermo.

Good luck.
Coto on Brasil 575, Leader Price on Independencia 456
i can sell you a hair dryer, used once.

there is a french supermarket on the ave de mayo
Thanks for the recs!

U2B: Yes, I know very well that San Telmo isn't the same as Palermo. Didn't suggest otherwise. This is why I'm asking. I'd rather NOT have to schlep all the way to Palermo for those things is all - and having some specific suggestions in ST is preferable to just wandering and seeing what I find.
Best pizza I managed to find in San Telmo was Pizzeria del Parque on Calle Defensa with Parque Lezama. Make sure to ask for "poco queso".
Welcome to the neighborhood, we live on Brasil right in front of the park. Not too impressed with the local Coto on Brasil, we generally make a Carefour run, the one in Avellaneda being the closest that I'm aware of. PM me if you want to catch up for a cup of coffee when you arrive