Where to be Ziploc containers?


Aug 14, 2009
Where can I get some Ziploc containers? Both the different sized zipper bags and the bowls. The real Ziploc stuff, not any knock off.

They used to carry them at most big supermarkets, have you checked?
I've seen the bags at Jumbo and Carrefour. Of course, you will never find more than 5 or 10 bags in a container, they sell them in little bags of 5 or 10. I've searched in vain for a box of 50 or 100.

The real Ziplock containers area little more hit and miss, but I found some at Jumbo once and bought a bunch of them.

When I make a trip back to the States, or a friend comes down, I always bring back or have carried a couple of 200 count boxes of various sizes...
I got a set of 3 bowls at the disco by me a couple of months ago, but I moved and left them behind and they have yet to ever carry more.

Has anyone checked out the wal-mart?
arty said:
Has anyone checked out the wal-mart?

I go to the Wal-Mart out Panamericana (the exit is El Camino Real), past the Unicenter. Not sure if there are any other Wal-Marts in or around Buenos Aires.

They are pretty much like Jumbo. I haven't found anything different that they have that Jumbo doesn't, plus it's quite a ways out of the city for those who don't have easy transport.

Funny thing - there are ALWAYS problems with international debit/credit cards in Wal-Mart, even though it's parent company is US based. I always find that somewhat ironic...

I've pretty much found over the last three years that things come to Buenos Aires, in general, in cycles. If one big chain has them at the time, it's pretty likely the others have them too.
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