Where to buy a dog?


Jul 15, 2008
I'd like to buy a Jack Russell Terrier for my son. Has anyone had any experience here with a pet store/breeder they'd like to pass on?
I'm assuming you know Jack Russel dogs are HIGH energy and are not good apartment dogs (forgive me if you do but I've seen lots of people buy them and wind up selling or returning them because they were a lot more dog than they bargained for).

I know a breeder - I will ask them if they have any upcoming litters.
just get him a dog off the street. you can find lots of them down by puerto madero.
Hi nledec,
we recently adopted a puppy from "Mascotas en Adopcion", they are in Parque Las Heras (at the corner of Coronel Diaz and Las Heras) with puppies for you to meet, every Saturday afternoon (I think 3:00 to 6:00). They have rescued puppies and dogs that need homes. I encourage you to rescue one of these pups rather than searching for a purebred, they have lots of cute puppies available every week, who need loving homes! :)
Sounds weird I know, but mercadolibre has a huge section on dogs.

Lots of times they're from owners who've had a litter and just want the dogs to go to a good home.
citygirl said:
I'm assuming you know Jack Russel dogs are HIGH energy and are not good apartment dogs

Citygirl is right about Jack Russells being high energy, but the same can be said for most terrier breeds. I've had 2 Westies, and the current one is the Macho Alpha of all time, a real handful even at 12 years of age.

That said, if you have experience with terriers and/or the patience and desire, they're wonderful dogs with big-dog personalities. You'll never be bored!

Finding a good breeder can be difficult here. You can try the dog shows, but they've been temporarily suspended because of an animal virus epidemic.

There's an expat dog expert up north near San Isidro who you may want to contact. Name is Jim Anderson, jimanderson123 @ gmail.com, 4836-2290. He's a lifelong dog person - breeder, trainer, show-er, groomer, etc. He provides every kind of pet service imaginable, from boarding to relocation to vet management. He has contacts with most of the reputable breeders here and, for a modest fee, will help you select a good dog.

Jim will certainly be involved in selecting my next pup.
As stated above; They are very high energy and will wreck havoc on your entire apartment if it does not get proper exercise. Preferably get one from a breeder. Good luck.
I know this is not about your Jack Russel, but if other people are looking for a dog: My cleaning lady's dog had puppies. There are 7, 3 week old little angels looking for homes. If anyone is interested, I'll find out more for you.