Where to buy a fan


Sep 13, 2009
I need to buy a fan but can't seem to find one anywhere! I have tried Jumbo and Easy, and all they have are huge fans for $300+. I just need a small, cheap fan to survive the summer here. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you. =)
Easy and Jumbo had small ones but apparently they're sold out.

Try the nearest Garbarino or Fravega.

www.garbarino.com/ or www.fravega.com.ar/

The larger Coto and Carrefours also have them, but will probably sell out soon as well (and not restock until next summer).
Yeah , Coto had some on sale for like 80 pesos. prolly gone now
I been looking for some as well and garbino only had overpriced ones. Then when I looked at mercadolibre they had tons of them, cheaper and they deliver to your door. Way better in my opinion then having to go to the store. Up to you
I looked long and hard and could not find what I wanted then I just happened on exactly what I needed at Casa de Audio on Corrientes Almagro, sorry I can't remember the exact number.