Where to buy Patagonia beer in BA?


Aug 31, 2008
Does anyone know where to buy beers from Patagonia in BA? Specialty shops, etc? Preferably downtown.
Great question. We always talked about how someone should distribute the excellent beer to the rest of the country. I bet many trucks that come to Bariloche and vicinity full, drive home empty.
Yeah, it's a pity that selection of local microbrewery beers in supermarkets is pretty much limited by Antares and Otro Mundo. I'd love to find a way to buy beers from, for example, Viejo Munich brewery from Village General Belgrano without actually going there.

There is a Beer House on Tacuarì and Humberto Primo I can`t recall the name but the owner is a German and they have a great variety of beer and he takes the time to speak with people and recommends what to have may be he has beer from Patagonia or probably knows somenthing. I heard is "the place" for beer
I saw it at Jumbo Easy's last weekend - if I remember correctly is was just over 6 pesos a bottle...
If anyone wants to start a distribution business thru out ARG, let me know, I can help on this end, at the source!
isaidc said:
Ok I've just been notified of this beer store. Might do the trick.



I was thinking of this place when I saw the thread.

PROBLEM: I think that this is a RESTAURANT/BAR only.

I've actually stopped in within the last two weeks and was looking at their display of beers on their shelves when I realized that I was late for my next appointment.

QUESTION: So this country actually makes good beer?

If Answer is "yes", then why the F isn't it available in the capital?

Patagonian Beer Location: Just a day or two ago I noticed that the Abuela Goye on Calle Florida (just off the corner of Lavalle towards Tucuman) offers 3 types of artesanal beers from Patagonia.

Frambuise (I think, because it had red rasberries on the label)

They might even be Abuela Goye's own brew, but at AR$13/330ml bottle, I thought that I would pass for now.
Yes the price is also a concern for me. I guess there are no huge supermarkets (or little hidden gems) which stock some interesting beers at a reasonable cost?