Where to find 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch cable adapter?


Aug 12, 2009
First of all, hello! I'm new here -- just got to BA last weekend.

As I wrote in my title, I'm looking for a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch cable adapter (for an instrument cable, so it can be plugged into a computer), but I'm not sure where to find one (I'm in Retiro). Any advice would be much appreciated! Also, what would I call the adapter in Spanish? Thanks!
Yesterday, (11 August) I went to my local Electrical store for an adaptor for my Dell laptop. They didn´t have the right size and sent me to a place at Uruguay 356. They sent me to a place around the corner on Parana. You know the answer. Months ago, (I´ve since bought a new computer) I was told that I needed a new transformer. I called Dell. They told me to go to an office on Alsina in Congresso. The rather strange people in this very strange office told me the price of the transformer was US700.00 !!!! Honest. My new compter cost less. Why don´t you do something that I regret not having done; keep a diary or your everyday life here. That´s all I´ll say.
Hey XHZH, out of curiosity, do you do laptop music or record music of any kind?
That adaptor is called " Plug (female) a Mini Plug (male) " and can be found in any musical instrument store in Talcahuano between Sarmiento and Bartolome Mitre.

The sell it as well in Promusica, I think it's on the 600 of Florida Street.

If you are plugging the 1/8" on a laptop, better take it with you to try it out at the store: not all tolerances are the same.