Where To Find Good Soup?


Feb 27, 2009
I buy vegetable soup and a side of papas natural at El Espanol restaurant on the corner of Rincon and Alsina on a regular basis. Where else kind you find good soup?
Having lived in Central Europe for 22 years+ where if there isn't soup with a meal, it's as if there was no meal at all!
Not an Argie thing so I make my own at home. The few times I have seen it on a menu here, I always thought it was very $$$
I second the make-it-at-home option. I love soup (made some homemade no-noodle chicken soup just yesterday). It's cheap, healthy and awesome for cold rainy days, and I swear by homemade bone broths during cold/flu season. Best suggestion (aside from Fukuro mentioned above) is to make it on your own.

I'll stay pay someone $10,000 if they bring a good Pho restaurant to BA.
The hot and sour soup (sopa agripicante) at Hong Kong Style in barrio chino is the bomb. Sometimes Marfa delivery has some decent pea or squash soups. I like Fukuro also. Usually the best option is to make some stock at home, throw it in smaller containers and freeze it. Then you can use it to make just about any type of soup that you want quickly and easily.

My local carniceria and granja usually give me bones for free, or incredibly cheap, to make stock. Roast them in the oven until they brown, throw them in the largest pot you have with some chopped up onion, celery, and carrot and fill with water. Reduce. Drain. Freeze.