Where to find office furniture: used or new.


Dec 19, 2008
Hi ho,

Wondering if there's a decent spot to find inexpensive home office furniture, e.g., a desk and an ergonomic chair?

I've been keeping my eye on Craigslist, as I'd like to not buy something new if I don't have to, but the pickings are slim there.

I noticed a Staples / Business Depot on Sante Fe, which will be my last resort, should it come to buying something new.

Wondering if there are any other options? Used office furniture store? Something like Craiglist for BA that has more listings?

Many thanks in advance,

There's an office furniture store on Cordoba, I think around Medrano but not 100%. There's also a tonne of furniture stores on Avenida Belgrano between about Jujuy and Entre Rios.
Try www.mercadolibre.com.ar.

Search (buscar) under: Muebles para Oficinas. There are hundreds of desks and chiars for sale..."refinar por usado" (refine for used) and you will find the used ones.

Click on "Galería de Fotos" and all will be shown with photos.

You don't need a DNI to register.

Even if you don't buy from the site, you will see typical prices for both new and used furniture.

You might also try the mercado de las pulgas on Dorrego near Zapiola (if it has reopened). Open from about noon Tuesdy through Sunday. I found great items there, including a computer desk and six chairs. If you can dicker in Spanish you can get better prices than asked from most of the dealers. I was clerly a foreigner, but I made it clear that I live here and thought Argentina was a better place to live than the US. They were obviously pleased with my attitude and gave me really good deals.
Mercado Libre is an excellent option, but if you want to buy new, you can search also at officenet.com
The mercado de fruitas en Tigre has the best deals on furniture but you will have to get someone to drive you. Mercado de Pulgas is also nice.