Where to find Turkeys


Aug 7, 2009
Anyone had any luck finding a turkey for Thanksgiving? I've found lots of chickens but no luck on Turkeys.
What about yams? I bought these things I thought were yam, so I cooked them and when i opened them up there were kinda a potato color inside with a purple center.
If you go into just about any carneceria tomorrow and ask them to order you a pavo for Thursday it shouldn't be a problem, though they might ask you to prepay.

They don't generally go larger than 5 kilos/11 pounds but as I mentioned in a previous post, people won't eat as much here as they would in the cold U.S. so you don't need as large a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!
try in Jumbo, they usually had, but freezed, at least in the one in Unicenter, try to find out bebore going, they also have a service to buy though a web page, and take that to your place
Can we come even if we are not sure what thanksgiving is? We like turkeys, even small ones. We could buy a nice watermellon and possibly fill it with vodka as a suitably patriotic contribution????
Macro always has turkeys, Wal Mart and Jumbo sometimes have them. Yams I have seen in Jumbo in the can, but the batata here is very close to the sweet potato, but it is white. Hope that helps

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