Where to get an office chair fixed?


If I was in the US I would probably just throw away my broken office chair but here things are so expensive and it seems that there are more local shops that do repairs.

Does anyone know of a place I could bring an office chair to be fixed? The middle part the lifts the chair up and down has sunk down....

I live in Recoleta so if anyone knows a place or even knows the type of places that fix this kind of thing (and what it´s called in spanish...) I would really appreciate it!



I think you refer to the "pistón".
Once i asked the guy that sold me my chair what happens when that thing gets broken, and he told me that is changed, because they are all imported from china and are unexpensive, like 50 pesos.
I bought my chair at Tissera, on sarmiento street, but not sure where you can get that part replaced.
But you should check this http://www.riben.com.ar/index2.htm


Cosaco, Thank you!! Just checked out the website and I see the do repairs on office furniture so it´s just the kind of place I was looking for. Gracias!!