Where we will be tonight - Join us!


Dec 9, 2009
Just posted this in the events section, but afraid no one will see it. Here are our plans!

OK! Plans made.

We will be at the Shamrock bar (rodriguz pena and arenales in ricoleta) (or maybe the downstairs club 'the basement') by 11:00.


From the searches I did on this site it looks like it is open, people like it and has delicious beer. That sounds like a pretty good thing to me.

If for some reason it has a fixed price, expensive or some party thing going on we will be headed over to bullers for a pint or two for the new year. (bullers is also in ricoleta on the walkway area. details: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/argentin...ghtlife/394685)

We wont have internet between now and then, so if you are going to come awesome! (Post a reply so people will know that its not just my wife and I).

I am wearing a black shirt with a horse on it, and have glasses. My wife will likely be wearing a purple dress (I think it looks blue, but you get the point). We are in our late 20s and will be having an awesome time!

Just come over and say hi!

If we dont see you... Happy New Years!

I wish I could join you gguys. I am back here in the USA wishing i was hanging out. Happy New Years to you.
Hey All,

Back at the hotel. Just checked the shamrock and it is closed today.

Therefore we will be at bullers!

Hope to see you there.