Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?


I'm was planning to go to VIlla General Belgrano in April and may still do so, but am soliciting advice as to alternatives.

I hear conflicting info about whether the virus is more virulent in cold or hot weather environments. Salta area would be good if the virus is found to not like hot and/or low humidity.

Small town with a grocery store is the idea. I don't want the expense of a car.

Salta is too big. VIlla General Belgrano or San Martin DLA is about the right size.

Small towns in Buenos Aires province:

on the brink

A small town sounds good, provided you manage to avoid the virus. If you don't, the problem is that medical care in the interior is dismal - all the best hospitals are in Buenos Aires.

I'd rather wait out the storm in a quiet BA suburb, with quick access to the Hospital Italiano.
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Besides the comments about no proper medical infrastructure in and around small towns, they might not be the most welcoming during this time. Especially if covid shows up there, they may blame the new foreigner in town.


Re-supplying a small town might not be in anyone`s priority list. Just saying.

Consider how foreign-ish you look from a distance or sound f2f.