Where's Oscar?

fred mertz

Jun 11, 2009
I was thinking back to the good old days, when my Cablevision bill came with a guide, that listed all available shows for the entire month. Many of the listings came with pictures and or a discription. Now, the monthly bill keeps going up and they no longer issue the guide.
I very rarely watch tv, but had I had the Cablevision guide, I would have known that, last Saturday night was the 40th anniversary show of SNL. I didn't know; I didn't watch.
I believe that this evening is the Oscar award show. I looked for the info online to no avail. I spent a lot of time. If I had the guide, I could have found it in 10 seconds. I'm a slow reader.
I'm with you there - I use the TV guide online, but it's a pain. Remember when you could just look up a name in the phone book, without a lot of white noise?

Googled "Academy Awards 2015" though, and there it was: 22 Feb, 17:30 PST.
The program listings have been online for years. http://www.cablevisionfibertel.com.ar/

First select Clientes and then programacion.

Sunday is Oscar night. I won't be watching even if there is a live feed. Cancelled Cablevision four years ago and gave away my television.
La entrega del Oscar
Llega una nueva edición de los Premios Oscar, la ceremonia de premiación presentada por la Academia de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas que reconoce los mayores logros de la industria cinematográfica.

domingo 22 de febrero | 10:20Hs | Duración: 30min

Desde la alfombra roja con TNT
La glamorosa alfombra roja de los Premios Oscar es la antesala al evento de entrega de premios más importante y esperado del año. Acompañaremos a las estrellas más reconocidas del mundo del espectáculo mientras desfilan por la alfombra roja

domingo 22 de febrero | 20:30Hs | Duración: 60min

Lo mejor de la entrega del Oscar
Sigue de cerca los mejores momentos de la entrega de los premios Oscar, el mayor reconocimiento a la excelencia de los profesionales, en la industria cinematográfica.

lunes 23 de febrero | 14:28Hs | Duración: 6min