Which Spanish to Learn in Pimsleur for Argentina?

Mar 22, 2022
I have the Latin American versions. I used to listen to them a lot before I moved here. Not sure how helpful they will be for a short visit. My girlfriend is from Buenos Aires and ‘teaches’ Spanish conversation online. If you are interested in taking ‘classes’ with her, let me know. When I say teaches and classes I really mean just talking in Spanish with a few corrections.
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I think your idea of learning some Spanish before you embark on a two-week trip to Argentina is brilliant. People will really appreciate you for making the effort and in some parts of the country where not many people speak other languages it may make all the difference when you want information or things.

As in your own country, there is different grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation throughout Spain and then it's different again throughout Latin America. Just as I would say that anybody who speaks neutral British English should be understood anywhere in the English speaking world, the language of the Real Academia Española (ie Spanish Spanish) will work anywhere in the Spanish speaking world. Learning Latin American Spanish in the first instance might however be more useful if you have plans to live, work in or visit Mexico or Central America but possibly not if you have plans to stay in Argentina.

Compared with the rest of Latin America, Argentina has its own grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation and compared with Argentina, so again does Buenos Aires and the Río de la Plata region. It's so different that there exists a dictionary of hundreds of pages explaining thousands of words and expressions in Argentine vs. Classical Spanish (ISBN 9789500430289, if you are interested) But people will still understand you, whether your Spanish comes from Mexico or Spain.

So I think - unless you are sure that after this trip you will never, ever want to speak Spanish again - rather than this visit marking the culmination of your learning exercise, the questions to ask yourself are - where do you live now, what are your plans for the future and how might learning Spanish help you there?
I am thinking to learn some Spanish before I come to Argentina for a two weeks trip.
Based on my own experience, the first complete sentence I suggest you learn to say in Spanish in Argentina is:

"Disculpe, señor/señora/señorita, todavía no hablo mucho castellano."

Don't be too surprised if whoever you say this to continues to speak to you in Spanish as if you do.

PS: You will no doubt be even more surprised when an Argentine replies, "Yo tampoco." 🤠
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