WHO Daily Adresses


I think I'll post them in this thread, with a few mentions of key points.

Today's WHO Daily Briefing 20/03/20:

A message for young people, data clearly shows that people under 50 make up a significant proportion of those requiring hospitalization.

Great concern that the virus is taking a foothold in many countries. But that we have the power to change this trend.

Insuring health workers have access the the equipment they need is an area if key concern, the WHO are finalizing arrangements for production and WHO warehouse restock to supply global needs.

Increase in global supply of diagnostic kits is also a top priority. Working with FIND to evaluate new labs and diagnostics. Working with labs and related companies closely in the testing supply chain.

Publishing of guidelines for health ministers, administrators and decision makers detailing actions counties can take to protect patients and specific advice on how to prepare the health sector for screwing, triage , referral, staff supplies, community engagement, and more. All available on website.

Also advice for individuals, specially those under voluntary or obligatory social distancing measures. Importance of looking after physical and mental health. Limit alcohol and sugary drinks, don't smoke as it increases risks a lot. Excercize 30 min a day for adults, or one hour for kids. Be active throughout the day even if under quarantine. Look after mental health, it's normal to feel stressed, confused and scared during a crisis. Talk to people you know and trust, and support this in your community.

A new messaging service with WhatsApp has been setup by the WHO. Health Altert Service currently in English. To access send the word hi 0041798931892.

After that intro they open the floor to questions. Well worth a watch.




As many of you may not have the time/inclination to watch the daily hour long WHO briefings, so here I'll share some of what was said in the intro on the most recent one, from.my notes so not verbatim:

"The pandemic is accelerating, it took 67 days from the first reported case to reach 100,000 cases worldwide, 11 days to reach the next 100,000 cases, and now just 4 days for the third 100,000 cases.

...though this is accellerating...we are not helpless and can still change the course of the pandemic, numbers matter, because they are not just numbers, they are people... but what matters most is what we do...testing every suspected case, isolating and caring for all confirmed case, and tracing and quarentining all contacts...

...if we don't also prioritize protecting health workers many more people will die...addressing the shortages of ppe means addressing this very part of the supply chain...solving this problem requires political committment and coordination at the global level ...

...[on farma]small observational and non randomized studies will not give us the answers we need, using untested medicines without the right evidence can raise false hope, do more harm than good, and cause a shortage of essential medicines needed to treat other diseases...

...the more countries that sign up to the solidarity large scale trials, the more/faster/higher quality we can save lives ".

Well worth listening to in full usually, though the first 15 mins can be skipped as it's about a FIFA+WHO youth covid outreach program, unless that's of interest for you.

Stay safe, stay informed.