Who is looking for Maple Syrup??


If anyone is still interested, I have an unopened 8oz bottle of REAL Maple Syrup. Also have a 12oz bottle of Aunt Jemima. . .How much is is worth to you :p

I am leaving BsAs in about a week or so and realize there is no need to shlep it with me.

Who's hungry??

Let me know.


I make pancakes about 3 times a week for my sister-in-law before she goes to school. I have about a quarter inch of syrup left in two different bottles and was wondering what I'd do.

The last time I bought syrup, if I remember correctly, the price was around 30 pesos for a bottle. Of course, it wasn't REAL maple syrup.

Let me know what you're asking :) Definitely interested.

I have some brown Karo syrup that I was wondering if I could mix some brown sugar and maybe just a drop of liquid smoke...don't know yet how that would taste, but you can see how deparate I am!


I think it's about time one of us opened up an Expats Shop, catering for all those essentials we love and need.
We did that in Spain and it worked very well.
Over here? Not sure if Moreno would cooperate. :)