Who killed Maria Marta Belsunce?. Local true crime murder mystery whodunit on Netflix.

D.B. Cooper

I was still living in NYC in 2002 when this happened. Even back then reading about it from the local papers the whole thing seemed completely bogus.
I immediately suspected the husband. This month Netflix released "Carmel", an excellent four part miniseries regarding the murder and trial. I watched the whole thing last week. It is even more evident that Carlos Carrascosa and Maria Marta's siblings were in on her death. Carrascosa allegedly made his 2 million dollar fortune as a trader on the BA stock exchange. Hmmmmm that seems suspicious. The Baltimore Sun did a report on him that says he was a Money Launderer for a Mexican drug cartel. At first the family made it out like she hit her head on a beam and fell in the bathtub and drowned.
Then it turns out she had 5 bullets holes in her head that nobody seemed to noticed (???). Here are some issues that are clear red flags to me.
The wall outside the bathroom was smeared with cleaned up blood.
When Carrascosa calls for an ambulance his wife was already dead. But on the phone he was very calm, not freaking out as one would expect.
On the phone one can hear two other people in the background that clearly sound like the half sister Rene Hurtig and her husband that are cleaning up.
Carrascosa told the guards at the security gate not to let the police in even if they have to be bribed. (!)
The family was in a hurry to get a death certificate so that they could get the body cremated.
Maria Marta had bruises on her arms and legs. Like she had been in a struggle. Yet nobody thought to check if there was DNA evidence under her fingernails. Her body is in the Recoleta Cemetery. That DNA evidence could still be there.
The family tried to blame it on a low level burglar name Pacello. This low level burglar was no Boy Scout, but he was not a killer.
At the end Carrascosa says that he is totally innocent, but wants to find out who did it. So why not put up some reward money to find out ???
Kudos to fiscal Diego Pico Molina for his work.
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