Who to contact for cable tv and internet?

Susan Miller

Apr 2, 2009
Hi all -
I am getting a condo in Barrio Norte ready to occupy and need to set up cable and internet service. Can anyone suggest who to contact? Also, how much should I expect to pay for the service, and how long does it normally take to have connected?

Thanks for the help!

telecentro has an internet/cable/phoneline deal for something like $130 pesos a month. I don't know how long it takes to get installed though because mine was already set up..
You might want to ask your neighbors what they have. Some cable/telco companies have exclusivity by the neighborhood or building, so you might be stuck with one single vendor for each. For internet, find neighbors who have cable modem and DSL. Get their opinion on both, and determine which of those two services is more reliable in your building.

Instalation times are the typical ones here... They will tell you in one week, but it will likely take three.
A note regarding the TELECENTRO "triple play" offer, which gives you broadband internet, local telephone service, and cable television for $139,00 per month. First IVA (sales tax) is NOT included so add 21% to the price for a total of $168,00. Also, the local calls do not include calls to cell phones which are billed at around $0,70 per minute, plus IVA. Often the $139,00 comes out to $200,00 (or more) per month once you add in all of the extras. Also, the telephone line works via the TV and internet cables so if your internet service goes down, (which happens for a few hours each month) you can't make any phone calls either. And if you have an alarm system like ADT that works through the phone lines you need special equipment (which costs extra) to make it work with the digital phone line. Just a FEW of the pitfalls of this service from TELECENTRO to keep in mind.
Davidglen - good point about the internet service going down occasionally.

Is this a telecentro issue or does it happen with all the ISP's? I'm wondering if theres a better company to switch to..
BTW -our Telecentro is $114 + tax =$139 pesos in total. I think to upgrade to 3gb (frm 1gb) is another $20 pesos.
To get a service now is very easy I have a flat rented with broad band and I have broad band also at home, they are eager to sell service the problem is when you want to get rid of the service. What I do is to send them a letter and if still receive the bills there is only one thing to do and is to call your credit card and say the magical words "I don`t want to pay this service anymore" this applies for all the services you can`t get rid of....ah and Iam a local!
we have cablevision and it goes out randomly at least once a week. Sometimes it's a simple reboot of the cable modem but other times it has been out for anywhere from an hour to a day and a half. And it's supposed to be 3mb but it's slooooow. Tests show about 400kb though they claim it's 3mb when we call to complain. Basic cable + but no premium channels + Internet is $180/month iva included.