Who will be traveling to the usa and back soon?


Mar 28, 2010
How do you find mail service to you from the usa to be working?
Service is slow but incoming mail gets to BA in one or two weeks. Maybe it is blind luck, but in five years here I haven't missed any letters.

Magazines are another matter - half of mine go lost in transit, probably stolen to be sold. And it is definitely not a good idea to mail checks.
I find the MAJORITY of my letters and post cards TO Canada and the US simply vanish. But stangely enough, almost everything arives here with no problem, including various parcels that have been sent for Christmas/birthdays/etc.
i think it is a it of a crap-shoot, unless you fork out for FedEx or UPS.
Has anyone tried private mail services like OCA? A letter to the US is six dollars - far less than the fifty FedEx charges.
In over a year, we have received many packages from the US. Only one was lost, the one without a tracking number. We have sent mail and only some arrived. If you send something priority mail with a tracking number, even if the address is incorrect or incomplete (this happened to us), with the tracking number, you should still be able to track it.
I have received a package, but I mailed some stuff about a month ago back to the USA and it's MIA.

Shame that for as much pride this country has they can't do something about the mail service.
Just wanted to say that I still love having my Earth Class Mail service. They scan your US postal mail and put it up on a web site for you to access. Then you can batch it up and send it in shipments... has worked beautifully for the last 2 years though their prices have increased significantly. http://www.earthclassmail.com