Who Would You Invite To A Dinner Party? Not Hypothetical.


Hi everyone, I need to find interesting people for a dinner party scene in a travel show. They should be Argentine, 30-60 years old, speak English and offer facinating conversation--involved in tango, fashion, arts, food, wine, culture, film, politics, etc. Do not have to be famous--if I can´t get in touch with them it doesn´t count! Any ideas, please pm me. Can come with their couple. NOT ACTORS(it is a non-fiction TV show), but real facinating people (I already exhausted by facebook list).
Yes, you can propose yourself or your Argentine partner.
I already have tons of expats.
Feel free to pm me or to post ideas below. If they are not someone you know, it needs to be someone who I could reach (ie, their contact info is on a website somewhere).


Hi, I am an Argentine TV producer. If you need help to contact some people as jornalists or writers or other, just let me know.


I am a 68 y.o. Argie, single, engineer, lived in the good old USA for almost 30 years.
Recently I wrote a book in Spanish relating local crime issues.
You will not regret if you invite me.
Good luck Henry


I'm argie, designer and 1 year left to be a psicological counselor... not very sure about my english though, since I've 2 years without speaking it frequently... my hubbie has a very interesting life, scottish, went to spain for a football game and stayed 17 years, came here for a job and 3 years later we have a wee boy, and a fab time since :D


My husband is Argentine - 42, fluent in english and well versed in politics, healthcare and culture. If you still have a need, I can send you his e-mail.


I'm a Jack of all Trades, Master of None. Formerly well traveled, Argie educated in a Belgian university. Old fartish and opinionated but with the occasional open minded episode now and then.