Why are Argentinians so accepting of corruption ?


Jun 20, 2006
Living here for now 18 years I have noticed that the tolerance for corruption and mismanagement of government coiffers is the highest in the western world . Growing up in a stable country Australia if inflatiion hit over 5 percent per year there would be a massive outcry and people would actively work together to bring this down . Here in Argentina the quiet acceptance of massive inflation and massive devaluations is shocking and saddening . Both are a huge cancer on this society and stop people from achieving their goals and protecting their families .

Argentinians imho are very passive agressive people and instead of directing their anger to the powers to be and organising themselves to combat these scourges attack their neighbours with agressive behaviours and drama . I have noticed in the last years that people are much more stressed and over the edge but still they accept the status quo .

Chile which imho is a much more stable and successful society has spoken as a community to address their grievances . There society Chile seems to work together as a team as proven time and time again with their very commendable responses to Earthquakes and natural disasters . Argentina is a very individualistic society to its detriment . Do you believe that Argentinians will finally demand the changes in society to build a better future ?
I think a lot about the very same thing, and the only idea that comes to mind is that if there was a selfishness index; rating different countries, then Argentina would find itself on the very top of such list as the most egotistic culture there is.
I think a lot about the very same thing, and the only idea that comes to mind is that if there was a selfishness index; rating different countries, then Argentina would find itself on the very top of such list as the most egotistic culture there is.

Argentinians have the most jokes worldwide on their ego .
Borges once wrote that the human ego is the little Argentinian in us all LOL.

Another one that I read here was

One of porteños:

Why there are no earthquakes in Buenos Aires?
Because even the ground cant swallow them.
i ask the same question of not just corruption, but inefficiency of basic things.

the answer i usually get is just that argentines are just tired of complaining about things that never get resolved. i don't really see that as a good excuse though.
I also am amazed at the tolerance for corruption. My wife is Argentine, and we talk about this a lot. There almost seems like a resignation that their judicial system is so messed up, that justice for things like fraud and corruption is either far postponed or not even pursued - so why bother worrying about it. But my wife is very fearful of long term consequences associated with acceptance of massive fraud.
My wife is also Argentine, but she's not worried about the future. She just keeps saying Argentina is not North America and that everything will always remain the same here. Basically, it looks like nobody expects the government to be better than what it is at the present moment and I believe this very sense of indifference is what's going to invite an eventual geo-political take over, Argentina is just too easy of a target. Once the trade war between China and US is cleared, the next step would be a neo-corporate take over of every impoverished nation, Africa style, where China can send their own engineers to firstly impress the public with swift infrastructure improvements and then push their own political and even cultural agendas onto the enslaved debt-ridden Argentina.
They all talk about it and complaint but the bottom line is, they keep their options open until they are in a position to become corrupt themselves then their excuse is. everyone does it, why not me....
At the end of the day we all know is the IMF, the Shankees, the Brits in the Falklands, CIA, NATO, and the military juntas' fault oh and also maybe global warming which is managed by Washington , of course
Buy an Argie for what hes worth and sell him for what he says he's worth, you'll be a trillionaire in a day or two
I have noticed a state of mind that seems to be prevalent. A state of being oblivious to the reality and consequences of certain behaviors and attitudes. A state where the mind is rather numb and adults think and act more like children. I have also noticed they tend to bury their heads in the sand rather than confront issues and reality.
Argentina is obviously not a stable developed nation like Australia. Its democracy is literally only 40 years old and it has been ravaged by predatory IMF loans no less than 3 times in that period... And Chile is a nation that still uses the constitution of the dictator Pinochet. It currently has 2million people protesting in the streets, about 500 of them have been intentionally blinded by police.