Why Argentine Women are so Angry!


Jul 27, 2006
There have been several threads on this topic.

Does anyone really know?
You must not be so hungry!

But I must thank God for so many slim hips

IOW: I think they (ARGENTINE) women are angry because they are so hungry!

If I am encouraging unhealthy behavior, I apologize.

But I am still grateful, especially as I walk through the streets of Recoleta.
lol there is a saying here that goes "estomago lleno corazon contento" so yeah, maybe there is some truth behind your theory after all ;) You just do not realize Steve that if women had a little more flesh on their hips, walking around microcentro could get...hmmm....sexy, lol , almost like a lambada! lmao
Most problems could be solved with an extra portion of chips.
Argentine are especially pretty, but not nearly as hot as Slavic women, who own the planet when it comes to hot.
My girlfriends here in BA are mostly angry because of inequities here. If they don't hook up with a guy in their 20s, there is very little chance for them to get married later. They are considered over-the-hill in their 30s and forget it in their 40s and beyond. Because there are more single women than available men, it sets up an environment of the hunter and the hunted. The women hunt and the men run. When they get a date, it is usually once or twice and that's it. As they age, they have more fear about losing their jobs to younger women/men. I am talking about beautiful, smart, very likeable women!! After a while, they mostlly give up on finding a mate and develop this tough outer shell. It's really quite sad.

I know this does not apply to ALL the women here and I'm not generalizing. I am talking about the 20 or so women that I know here.
I was in a travel agency and this woman took half an hour to look after me( with an attitude and they weren't busy at all!!) she also refused to use my credit card...saying that the machine will not accept international cards, she must have thought I stole it from someone even tho I showed my ID. I went to the same agency somewhere else tho and they looked after me in 5 mins.

I came to a conclusion that being friendly with woman that is behind the counter in this country is not a good idea, they tend to treat you in a snob manner. I think that if I treat them with the same snob manner they might get something done for me. I know I shouldn't generalise but It looks like thats the way I gotta be.