Why I am not planning on taking the vaccine any time soon, if ever


as i always do i need to add to the post. i made an appointment online. went to a stadium for football in my car. they were running 10 lanes while staying inside my car, truck in my case, i answered questions about past exposure and medicines i take. went to next station for the jab. moved to next area with nurses watching for reaction for 15 minutes. told to leave all within 30 minutes. gotta give them credit. never left my truck.

Arizona gal

IMO it should be up to the individual - how can a person who got vaccinated try tell someone else what to inject into themselves when they are already protected? I don't tell fat people what to eat because it doesn't effect me - the same way a vaccinated person has no right to tell someone else to get vaccinated if they are no longer able to get very sick.
I agree. I still have antibodies post Covid after 9 months. Im not rushing to get the vaccine as long as I have antibodies. Im letting my immune system recoup for now.


I don't understand the anti-vax paranoia, most humans already have levels of PCBs and other things in their bodies that are probably more dangerous than whatever is in the COVID-19 vaccine.



Relax you´ve already been doomed with PCB. One more pill .. what can go more wrong?
If your immune system is still intact destroy it. Take a scientifically founded pill.

Vaccinate if you need it.
If your body doesn´t need it, DON¨T.
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My body probably doesn't need it. But I'm not prepared to cause suffering and death through spreading a preventable disease. So I'll be taking the vaccine recommended by the vast majority of health care professionals. Keeps me safe, keeps others safe.

You do you.


Opinions might change when world governments demand vaccination passports in order to be able to travel. I can almost hear the bureaucrats crafting the rules into granite as I type....