Why is coffee so bad in BA?

Rich One

The conclusions .. (google translate)

"Here is a stigma of the old," "The idea that things can be better is blocked, we live in a cultural gerontocracy (the government of the old)."

But there is a problem,: until Argentina does not overcome the economic problems that afflict Argentina for decades ago, planning the future is very difficult.

"The times of the economy are the times of politics, planning the future, is suspended." The only safe refuge for society is the past, and that creates an idea that the The past was necessarily better, and it is false, because there is a possibility of a better future. ??


Hmmm Havana, Martinez as Johhny said, I have had some great cafe in BA. It is one of the things I enjoy when I do go to BA.


Buenos Aires has now some great coffee shops but most in Palermo Soho . Like the Lab. Latente , Full city coffee store . These three coffee bars are equal to any other in the western world .


Places as recommended by perry are outstanding. A good cup of coffee should be made with about 18 grams of coffee, and the machine should pour one ounce in around 30 seconds, and water should filter thru at a certain temperature. Only a handful of coffee shops follow these rules. Enjoy coffee!