Will someone host Watson Foundation Fellow on Thurs night 2/19 in BA?


Feb 18, 2009
Hello friends in the ExPat community :),

Housing arrangements just fell through :confused: for a Watson Foundation Scholar arriving in BA on Thurs 2/19. She is now enroute from Shanghai and does not have telephone or email access in flight. The travel arrangements are complicated and involve 4 layovers over 48+ hours, so luggage may not arrive with her. She is in need of safe overnight housing and advice from expats so that she can get her bearings and make another housing arrangement for the next 2 months. Is there someone near the airport or the Recoleta neighborhood (or anywhere else for that matter) who can help? You can check out the Thomas J. Watson Foundation and the Fellowship Scholars at watsonfellowship.org. She is a Wellesley College Grad (Boston) from South Carolina, who is conducting research on birth defects, a most accomplished and inspiring young woman.

Thanks so much for your help and kind advice!:)
Can anyone recommend a host family or a Hotel with airport shuttle for this Watson Fellow? So far, her best fit has been with medical students and local physician surgeons who repair the birth defects. She is also a practicing Catholic. Anyone know of a resource?

Thanks so much!
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JoanneA, I am not going to be of any help since I do not reside in Recoleta nor the airport but was just wondering why it came so close to the wire for housing accomodations to fall through. Poor girl her first night here and she will be in limbo (I hope not). :-(
Good luck.
The young woman had a confirmed home stay reservation made a few weeks ago. When she contacted them to reconfirm this week, the host did not return emails or telephone calls. Late last night, the host finally did get back to her and say they now were booked and can not accommodate her for several more weeks. Thanks for your concern. Still looking for accomodations while she is in the air...

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Hi I might be able to help ...how old is this person and how long would they need accomodation?
How do we contact each other. I have a five bedroom apt in Recoleta more than enough room. I lived in Charleston SC for a few years. Possibly I can help.
:DWow! What a supportive, welcoming and connected group of ExPats! The Watson fellow arrived today, was picked up at the airport, and is now napping at her hostess's home! I bet she has a smile on her face! She was so relieved to learn of her safe accommodations. It turns out that she and her hostess have a lot to talk about and may have some future business in common!

Thanks for coming through ExPats!:)
The Watson Fellow is a 23 year old female college grad seeking conveniently located, quiet, safe housing. Thanks!
Joanne A