Windows 7 where to buy in BA?


arichie said:
First of all, what do you use then? A Mac?

Windows 7 is a great OS. And well worth the money. You can actually buy a license online from the Microsoft store. And burn your own installation CD.
Yeah a Mac or Linux. Both are better than Windows. Why pay for it when you can download it for free anyways? Paying Microsoft money is actually a far worse act than pirating it.


Whats this when in Rome crap ?
Pirating is bad wherever you go , ripping off somoenes idea and retailing it for your own profit is a bad thing.
I wish more people would actually TELL an argentine that the culture of being a ripoff artis is actually a BAD thing. I write software and would personaly bludgeon anyone like a baby seal if i found someone was profiting from selling illegal versions of MY intelectual property


Fabe - I'm 100% with you on this one. I've heard all the reasons for it - the stuff is too expensive for us here, how can poor people afford this stuff, it's all a bunch of rich foreigners making money, etc, etc.

At the same time, these are the same people bitching at first-world cultures (the US in particular) about being too commercialistic, et al. But NEVER bitching at their own governments who screw them around generation after generation so that they have such piss-poor economies that they can't afford the things people in richer cultures can afford.

Better to steal than to lift oneself out of the rut.

But the real pisser to me are the people in first and second world cultures who are now saying it's ok to pirate. Particularly the younger generation.

The value of intellectual property is seen very different nowadays. The same people who would never steal a finely-made table saw, for example (a tool that one would need to make wood products) think nothing of stealing whatever they think they need that is digitally-made to do whatever it is they think they need to do.

I too write software for a living. I am working on a project now that stands to make a lot money for myself when I start selling it with my partners. It will have taken me over two years to develop it (yes, I am writing it solo), most of that time was spent AFTER my real job, which is writing software on spec for big clients. I work usually about 15 hours a day, 6-7 days a week so I can do all this.

To think of some little punk stealing my software and using it for free really chaps my ass.

And anyone who thinks that stealing from Microsoft just because they think Microsoft are monsters is still a thief. Don't buy from Microsoft. Develop something better and compete with them. Whatever - but stealing is stealing.

And before you tell me that no one can compete with MS - BS. Look at Ubuntu and Linux and Mac. They make some different marketing decisions and aren't as big ont he marketshare, but plenty of people use their either free or "MS-Free" operating systems. There are alternatives and nothing excuses thievery (in my opinion).