womens fitted leather jacket


Mar 5, 2009
good morning has anyone got any recommendations for makers of womens fitted leather jacket? pricing too please? thankyou!
I don't know exactly, but last night/this morning...

Within the last 24 hours I walked past a place in the ONCE area (rather than in Murillo 666 area) called ~"Casa de Cuero" or maybe it was "Mundo de Cuero". It was on the corner of Tucuman & Pasteur (I believe). They had jackets and other stuff in the window and the prices seemed much lower than on Murillo street. (Calle Murillo)

I've walked passed a mound of scraps before in this neighborhood (garment district) and I'm thinking that they actually make the items around here. (At least some of the places.)

I'll try to do a little more research and get back to you.

Of course, you know that you're going to have post pictures after you finally get the jacket made. You do understand the protocol around here.
thanks napoleon.. you are a superstar.. i would love to, i will also photograph all the boots i buy! and really its such a shame i wont be able to download some cool new reggaeton songs for you on this website.... oh hold on.. how about this for your enjoyment...


just for you!! x LOL
from one aust girl to another...

about two months ago my friend went on a mission to find a fitted black bomber, much like what has been popular at home since last winter, so we headed straight for calle murillo.

basically, out of a dozen stores, there was only one that fit the bill reasonably, cost about $450 pesos or around that mark. most were identical, yucky hard leather, or badly cut.

since being here a bit longer i have noticed that there are far more better-designed options around the palermo area. the only one i know by name is http://www.maruguerberg.com.ar/ - don't let what you see on the website put you off, in store she has much more recent designs including bomber and biker-ish ones. most high end stores will also make to measure. of course this means palermo prices, but i figure when you're investing in something like a leather jacket, it's exactly that - an investment.
austgirl said:
thanks napoleon.. you are a superstar..


just for you!! x LOL

Thanks. I had to hit "MUTE" so that I didn't throw up on my keyboard, but the "ladies" in that video seemed quite talented. They were very rhythmically gifted. Hell, most of them were just plain gifted. Though I was a little concerned that they might be a little low on cash, because it didn't appear that they could afford much material to make their clothes. :( triste

And near the end, they seemed to be shaking so violently that I thought perhaps they were having a seizure. A guy in the TV room in the hostel I stayed in in Tucuman had a seizure and I ended up forgetting to pack up my computer cable in the ensuing chaos. That was a bit scary. I had to turn on my computer just to download my photos and then immediately turn it off. Definitely had me worried about losing pictures for the rest of the trip. I hope no one lost a computer cable making this video.

Oh, and a friend of mine's mom tried to shake her hips a bit like the girls in the video one time to keep up with me on the dance floor at a charity ball and she ended up throwing out her back and having to postpone her trip to Japan and Australia. I hope none of the girls in the video met with the same fate. A trip to Japan or Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Especially for girls who can't afford enough material to make proper clothes.

(I say this because I care.)

Once again, thanks for the video and good luck with your jacket search. I'll make a note to find the name and exact intersection of the place near me.

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morning! thanks napoleon, well, if you could get the details and make it snappy that would be appreciated! LOL

thats a very funny post you wrote... sure you not an aussie? i didnt think americans were as funny as us?? :D

cha chow! x
Nope, not Aussie... and I asked my English roommate if she knew of any Aussie's that were funny. She was stumped. Then responded "Flight of the Concho... no, they're Kiwis." Finally we settled on "Muriel's Wedding", "Strictly Ballroom", and "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" as the three examples of Aussie humor. I just now remembered the Crocodile Dundee movies... so yep, just three examples of Aussie humor.

So even though I was feeling a bit down from misplacing my phone, I came up out of the Facultad de Medicina subte stop and as I was acknowledging the protesters blocking off Cordoba in an effort to get more money from Cristina to come into town to protest, I realized that I shouldn't let my misfortune keep me from tracking down that leather store.

I headed up Viamonte, passed two seated guys sharing a liter of Quilmes in a doorway (friends?... cheap date? no se...), and then cut across Pasteur to the corner of Pasteur & Tucuman. And low and behold, there was the store I was talking about.

Here's what it said on their sign:

La Casa del Cuero
____JORBEM____ (I have no idea which name is the name of the place.)
Somos Fabricantes
Fabrica de Camperas
Ventas Para Major y Menor

Pasteur 601 (@Tucuman)

It was late, it was dark, and they were closed when I went by. I don't know how great their stuff is, but it appears that they have jackets "made-to-order".

There wasn't a phone number anywhere that I could see, so you'll just have to go on your own if you're interested.
thanks napolen doing leather jackets/bombachas/botas on monday... cant wait.. hope its not too cold!
austgirl - Monday is a public holiday - Dia de la Bandera - will shops be open? Anyone?
ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH are you freaking kidding me? please explain..... no no no no.. say it isnt so.. ive only got two days!!!!!! i want to say a bad word.. (just did)..

what palermo alto etc open?? no shoe shops on santa fe?