Work for writer and editor


Sep 8, 2009
Hi everyone,

I´m considering living in Buenos Aires for four months early in 2010. My profession is as a writer and editor. Is anyone aware of how easy or difficult it is to gain permanent or freelance employment in this field? English is my first, and only, language. I´m working on improving my Spanish at the moment while I´m travelling through Central and South America, but it will still be basic by the start of next year.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Gabby,

I'm afraid the news isn't very positive. Writing work here (for local publications) is very low paid, and in some cases, publications simply hire US grad students for free. The real trick is to obtain overseas work, that you can do on the internet from anywhere.
Freelancing is lonely work in a new city! But, yes, it may have to do. Thanks for the tips, guys.
Don't fret it Gabby, is a solid place for work. I specialize in newsletters and have a couple clients from there and am currently working on a growing list of long term clients (given the nature of newsletters) to help me save in addition to my day job, as well as have a continuing source to live off from BsAs.

One thing you might want to consider is going into business for yourself, but you've gotta have that business drive in addition to being a writer. However, if you're freelancing you probably have that leaning anyway.

But bottom line, you can get hired to write 150 short articles for 300$-500$ in one lump sum but if you took that same effort, took the week to make a wordpress blog site ($8 for the first month and $6 for each month pass that), and applied those 150 articles to your own site you'll eventually make what you would have from that lump sum and have a continuing source of revenue.

Don't think about it as lonely, think about it as living in two different worlds you switch in and out of... it's what gets me through the day lol

I'm planning a trip to BA within the next month or so and will spend around 4 weeks in BA looking for job/investment opportunities. I have small business experience as well as commercial real estate where I worked in Philadelphia for 5 years and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania) for 5 years. DOes anyone have info concerning commercial real estate firms in BA? I know CB RIchard Ellis has a firm in BA................are there any other U.S. real estate firms?