Wow talk about honesty....


Apr 16, 2008
I've lost my zippo lighter at a parillada near the costenera in
Colon, Entre Rios last week. Went back to get it the next day to see if it was
there and one of the guys working there told me to come back later on, but it was too
late. It was the time that we had to drive back to Buenos Aires and
we've already checked out of our apartment, so I left them a note about
the zippo and left emptyhanded. A week and a half later, after
I've completely forgotten all about it and we just got a phone call
today, from a relative of the owner of that restaurant, coming to my
home in person to deliver the zippo in person!!! It completely threw
me off guard. There ARE honest people that will go out of their ways
for you. All I've asked for was to mail it, not to deliver it in person. I didn't even have any hopes of it coming back to me, I was just chancing it. My hat goes off for the people of Colon, they are REALLY nice & honest people. I would definitely go back & visit again. If you have a similiar story to share, you can post it here. C&C is also welcomed
Mike1, this is not an uncommon story when you go outside of the city. The warmth and the way of living is so moons away from what is in this city. Keep that thought when someone do you wrong in the city, there are real and very good loving Argentinos out there. Really! Please do not laugh, but outside of the city is where I have found the real Argentinos. The city folks just got caught up with unimportant things but the folks outside of the city - WOW is putting it mildly. Thanks for the story. And reminder that there is still good to be had out there.
There are many honest people in BA as well, many more that would return it then the ones who keep it
What do you need with a zippo by the way if you don´t smoke?
It was a different story with my laptop cable & adapter last year in Tucuman. I hope whoever stole it with the bus company got a good price on Mercado Libre.
(I had to pay double what it cost in the USA to replace it.)
I think if the same situation was in the US or Europe, I would consider it to be gone 90% of the time.
My first day in BA 3 years ago, while reaching into my pocket for change to buy a newspaper I dropped $20USD on Florida street, not once TWICE, and someone alerted me both times. Try that in China and see what happens. There are more good people in BA than bad...
Recently I forgot my cellphone. When I went back to the place, the woman was calling my house.
I've had people yell "Flaco" when something fell out of my pocket.
But on the other hand, I had a small camera in a case that I left to the side of an outside booth in Palermo Viejo my 5th day here. It was right up against the building and the only person who could have spotted it would have been someone sitting down in that actual booth/couch/table thing. It was a place where you sit for 2-3 hours.
When I realized I forgot it about 30 minutes later, I ran back to the booth. The girls sitting at the table between the sidewalk and the street were still there (going on about hour #2), but they said the people after me came and left.
Obviously they spotted the pouch, opened it up, realized it was a camera and took off. Then again, they were more likely tourists than portenos.
"You take the good,
You take the bad,
You take 'em both,
And then you have
The Facts of Life..."
I guess electronics are hot items, anywhere. But in the US I had my license mailed back to me (anonymously) when I left it a Kinko's place and I had a credit card also mailed to me when I forgot it at a store (I was in another state).
There are good people everywhere, I would like to think there are more of them than the bad ones. May not be true does not hurt to think positive, right?
So last night, my friend who is visiting from the states left her purse, with passport, at the Mexican restaurant. Five blocks later the waiter return the purse. He was running the whole time to get to us. She was shocked. Everything was there. Good food and nice people.