Xoom Question?

I just tried to use Xoom and my transaction was denied. When I called they told me I could not send money to a Argentine bank account if I was in Argentina. They told me to send the money to myself in Argentina.

Did anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? :D
How would they know you are in Argentina? Did you tell them or did they notice it from your IP address when you requested it. If they got it from your IP address I'd think a VPN service and a Skype or Google Voice phone number or Vonage could easily solve that so you can just say you're in the USA.
I guess that they had the IP address. I used skype when I called, but I did tell them I was in Argentina after they already denied the transaction.
Maybe the route to go then is to simply use a VPN service and then just send the money to yourself to pick up. Then you can just deposit the cash into your friend's account. Won't that work?
I had the same issue sending to another person's bank account in Argentina. Instead I just sent it to myself, picked up in the More MT here and paid the person in cash. this also allows you to take advantage of the higher Xoom rate vs. the official dollar-peso exchange rate.
Thanks for all the advice/suggestions. I am now sending the money to myself and I'm still trying to confirm the transaction. It seems they are requiring more details - statements, Ids, etc. Most recently, they approved the transaction but now stated that the partner in argentina is requiring additional ID. Not the "5 minutes" that they promise. I will update with my experiences. Thanks again.
Call More Money. First to confirm that they received the order from Xoom - my first transfer got lost and I had to call Xoom back to get it sent to MMT. If More confirms that they have it, ask them what documents they need and email them to them.
My transaction was denied recently and I was told it was because of all the sensitive materials the Argentine govt is requiring. They didn't want to send the info through an uprotected email. Then I asked if I should just go to MMT with my documents in person and they said that the info has to come through Xoom (from their compliance team to MMT's compliance team). I'm thinking of just going to MMT anyway but I sort of have my doubts that it's going to work.....