Xpats living in Provincia de Cordoba


Camel, I recently visited La Cumbre, and was very pleasantly surprised. Do you think that La Cumbre/ Los Cocos are a good place to live more permantly ( compared to CABA) or does its charm wear off when you are not there only on holiday. It also appeared to me that whilst real estate was more reasonably priced, the every day cost of living seemed quite high compared to CABA. Is the area on a upswing or downswing in your view?


I think it could be a good place to live if you have friends there, and are into one of the activities people do there. I'm a pilot and I like the vibe around the La Cumbre Aeroclub there. They also do paragliding from the Cuchi Corral (several world class paragliders live there), flying, and skydiving. They have an annual or maybe biannual bike race there.

But it's not Buenos Aires. Without a car or motorcycle it's tough to get around outside the town. It gets cold at night in the winter, and some places aren't well insulated or well heated (I lived in one of them last year... brrrr). I'd guess the area is on an upswing relative to Argentina, but the current Argentina downswing probably affects it too.