Yoga and Swimming


Aug 2, 2008

I've just moved to BsAs with my husband and I will be here for the next 6 weeks. Can anybody recommend a good yoga class and swimming pool? I am staying in an apartment in Palermo Soho.
I'm in the same boat! I just moved to Palermo Soho 2 days ago and I'm looking for a yoga class, and something like boxing or Taikwondo. I hate going to the gym so I'm looking for a class so I can trick myself into excercising. Any ideas??
Hey gals or guys, I am not in BA yet but will be in one month. However, I do know of a lady by the name of Annie Ory who just opened a Bikram Yoga studio in BA. I LOVE LOVE Bikram should give it a try. The classes are at
Spacio CorpoParaguay 469447[email protected] email address is [email protected].
I am desperately looking for a yoga studio. I live in Recoleta now and will be moving to Barrio Norte.
Email Leslie on the following email address, she is in Las Canitas and is an amazing yoga teacher. I highly recommend her and have been with her for about 8 months now. She is flexible, reasonably priced and such a lovely kind lady.
[email protected]