Yoga in BA


Nov 22, 2005
Yoga classes in English for beginners to advanced students. Take it easy in the city. Clear your mind so it can have more space to absorb a new culture, a new language.
Group classes Wednesdays 11:15am and Fridays 4:30pm
Private classes also available
Call or write Cheryl at 15-5610-1272 [email protected]
I'd be interested in an advanced class... Where do you give classes? Hope to hear from you--
Hi Sarah,
Sorry, I don´t check this forum often. The Friday class is the most advanced, but the Wednesday class is starting to get pretty advanced as well. (I have also recently started a Wednesday night beginner class)
The studio is in Villa Crespo, on Villarroel 1052 PB B, between Thames and Juan B. Justo. Please give a call or email before coming to make sure there is room in the class! 15-5610-1272 [email protected]
look forward to meeting you
I need to get back in shape! Do you offer private classes for beginners? I´ve done lots of sports but I am new to yoga. Super busy and stressed out with work and the move here, everyone tells me to try yoga. So here goes...
I just got back from teaching a yoga workshop in the States, sorry I didn´t reply until now. Yes, I do offer private sessions in yoga. You can either come to my studio space or I can come to your home. for an appointment call or email. [email protected] or 15-5610-1272