Yoga, Running, Spanish Classes Por Favor!


May 24, 2017
Hey all, Travel is all booked from the States to BA arriving in a couple weeks. Will be zeroing in on the Soho area I believe. Starting at a hotel and then plan to move to an AirB&B until I get the lay of the land. I already have residency and will be staying longer term.

I am wondering if you guys might be able to help me with a few recommendations. My ritual, aside from work, is enjoying ashtanga yoga 2 or 3 times a week, running about 5 times a week, and Spanish classes (preferably private, but teachers could rotate) 2 or more times a week.

So I guess I am wondering if there's a favored yoga studio, possibly a running group that meets once or twice a week and a Spanish school (I'd like to go there in order to have the opportunity to meet some folks rather than classes in my home).

Thanks so much for your consideration. I am looking forward to participating in coffee chats as well, so hope to have the pleasure to meet some of you soon!
There are a bunch of "tourist" Spanish schools that are generally around US $200-220 per week for several hours of daily classes (Vos and Vamos are two I went to). But the best I found (where I learned the most, and made more interesting friends) was UBA's español para extranjeros courses. They also happened to be the cheapest.

Aside from classes, a great way to learn is to just do whatever activities you like, in Spanish (yoga classes, for example).
The park system across from the US Embassy is the best place. Not sure about running groups. When i was there I just ran on my own. I rented an AirBnb by the zoo. Great location....between Las Heras and Av Cervito. Highly recommend.
Thanks so much, Mr. I've been looking at YouTube videos of various areas around BA and the parks, as you mention, look incredible. So running? Of course! I guess I've always done a bit of both - running alone most days and then a couple days a week meeting up with others for group runs. The opportunity to meet others and the camaraderie is nice. And an interesting thing I've discovered while running with others is people love to talk (the endorphin drip, I suppose!)
Hi MyArgentina

I like running too. Will be arriving around 1 July. If we can't find a running group soon we could always run together.
Hash House Harriers. Drinkers with a running problem. Doesn't look like anything is scheduled at the moment but here is the place for info:
check out, look at Temporal if you don't want to sign a long term contract, skip the Airbnb. bring cash for rent.