Young Writers Meet up


Aug 6, 2009
20 something novelist here, looking to possibly meet up with some other young writers, potentially talk about starting a writing group, but most of all to blow off steam and complain about the blank page.
Hi chicagowrtr,

I'd definitely be interested in joining a young writers group, especially one that sounds relaxed and fun. There are quite a lot of writers here and there's a group organized by a woman named Maryann called Writers in Buenos Aires ( Send her an email to get on the newsletter list (if you're not already on it).

By the way, I like to write short fiction, non-fiction a little poetry.


also a 20 something writer! would love to join a few others writers to have a chat or whatever. Especially without any pretension!

Send me a PM or something
omg i would love to meet up , im a short story writer.
for those of you writing here, have you had anything published?
Copywriter of Advertising here. 22. Would love to meet up as well!!
Hey...can you send me any details of when you are meeting...i love writing...not had anything published and recently have stopped writing as much as I used to, so a group would be great for me I think! So keep me updated too please...:)
24 year old writer here, very very keen! Not yet in BA, but when I get there, I want to settle in amongst a group of writers and nourish myself on the collective creativity!

I am a 26 yr old writer living in Recoleta (just got here 2 weeks ago). Originally from DC, lived in Chicago and Boston for the past couple of yrs. Would love to meet up with any other writers and meet some new friends!