Your ‘strange’ crush on an Argentine could actually be a racist fetish

Are American and European relationships with Argentines Sometimes a Racial Fetish?

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  • No

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To paraphrase the article:
But I am tired of white women treating him, and other Argentine men they deem “surprisingly” hot, like secret sex toys stashed under their bed.
“Surely a white woman finding an Argentine bloke attractive is the opposite of racism?” I can already see some of you furiously typing into the comment bar. But that’s the thing about sexual racism: it’s subtle, it’s about the way the attraction is framed. When your lust for someone is layered with shock and surprise, you’re perpetuating the idea that, under normal circumstances, you’d find this person undesirable.
Is this the same as the Yanqui and Euro-gals who pick up suave tango men and strapping polo studs?

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