Your Inflation Experience: At The Zoo


Because of a teacher strike at the primary school in San Martin, my Cuban friend enlisted my help as a baby sitter since she couldn't find a real baby sitter on such short notice.

Not having much experience with kids, I figured my best bet was the zoo. Little chance for the kids to get lost or hit by a car, etc. Anyways, I was expecting it to be 80 pesos like it was last month, but now it is 120 pesos (12 and older).

p.s. Avoid eating at the zoo - more expensive than McDonalds and really bad quality.

What's your recent inflation nightmares?
40 pesos the take away coffee at martinez
25 pesos for 100 grams of nuts (anyone wants to buy them or almonds wholesale and divide them upon ourselves, pm me)
Fibertel on the other hand is not adjusting to inflation by charging higher prices, they are simply deciding to suspend internet service from time to time and refuse to hire more of their "contractors" who arrive at your place with an American Customer Service Smile TM plastered on their cheery faces.
Wait and see when the dollar official goes to $10 where it should be noW?
May be off topic some but found this interesting:
Inflation and devaluation over the years: 1975 to present:
Really rough translation:
saving in local currency.......if one day in 1975 someone had gone to sleep with u $ s 1,000 in equivalent local currency then (pesos Law 18.188) and had woken up yesterday, looking under the mattress would have found today approximately $ 0.0000027.
Prices and inflation are out of control, you have to look for deals, I buy a lot of dietética products, seeds, nuts, etc.
Honey (in a local store) $70-$90 pesos kg - Honey (Mataderos or Liniers market $25-$40 pesos kg
Sesame seeds (whole) $60-$80 pesos kg - Sesame seeds (whole) Liniers market $24 pesos kg
Sunflower seeds (peeled) $60-$70 pesos kg - Sunflower seeds (peeled) Liniers market $28 pesos kg
Flax seeds $40-$50 pesos kg--------------------Flax seeds Liniers market $15 pesos kg
I make a once a month trip to these places and buy in bulk, that is the only way to save A LOT here.