Zona Frontier Clearance


Feb 5, 2007
I know this is a BA forum but thought I would post here anyways. We are purchasing property in Bariloche. In order to get the title in your name, you have to recieve clearance from the frontier police. does anyone have any expertise or good contacts about this? Our escribano hasn't exactly been overly helpful and informative. Thank you, Paz y Amor!
i don't have any experience of this personally, but what i've heard is that foreigners without 2 years of 'residencia definitiva', which takes 4-6 years to get, can't own property in bariloche. the property must be help in a property trust or in the name of a local (the latter 100% not recommended as you're effectively signing over the property to another person). i'm not 100% sure about all this but look into it very, very closely before signing any documents. there's an article about this on www.escapeartist.com on either the chile or the argentine sections, or maybe both. called something like 'argentina for holidays, chile for living' i think.