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    Taxi Ezeiza Airport to Palermo

    Hi all hope your all great. Was $1,000 pesos with 8 large suitcases and 3 people a decent deal in a taxi? We have 3 more trips to the airport in the next month if anyone knows of any thing cheaper please let me know. Kind Regards Rob
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    Can I Buy Captain Black in BA

    Hi can I get captain black little cigars in BA The little cigarettes? Thanks
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    Recovery Of Data IPhone 6SPlus

    Hi All, Anyone know of a person who can recover all the data from a water damaged IPhone 6S Plus Regards Rob
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    Best Carne Restaurants

    Hi All, Suggestions for great Meat Restaurants Thanks!
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    Short Term 1Week Mobile Phone Plan

    Hi travelling next week what is the best plan and where to get it from just for 1 week Many Thanks Rob
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    Mobile Phone Sim Card

    Hi All, Arriving next week for 1 week can we get SIM cards so our group can contact each other while in BA? Cost ? Kind Regards Rob
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    Flavoured Tobacco and Papers

    Hi All, Where can I buy different flavoured tobacco and Papers in BA ? I arrive next week so need a supply. Alternatively how much can I bring with me? Also how much can I leave with. Cheers
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    Spanish -English Translation Of A Birth Certificate

    Hi all I need to get a translation done on my sons Birth Certificate from Spanish to English can anyone help me Many thanks
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    English Speaking Physcholigist

    either actually
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    English Speaking Physcholigist

    either actually
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    English Speaking Physcholigist

    Does anyone know of a good English Speaking Psychologist ??Many thanks Rob...
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    Hi all anyone know of a good English speaking Psychiatrist...
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    Huge shop in Saenz Pena exactly for that reason cake pops displays made easy!!! I'm going past there next Tuesday I'll get the address for you
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    Migraine Medicine In Ba?

    Sumatriptan 100 mg for migraines and also I take a beta blocker that stops migraines as I suffered very frequent ones so I take flufenal once a day to prevent the migraines from happening both can be bought over the counter hope this helps you
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    Buying A Car As A Tourist

    Have a brand new Chev Corsa 0kmh if your interested $50,000 pesos....