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    living cost for one person in BA?

    Thank you for the info, everyone. Maybe there is a way to do this, he's not in horrible health aside from the usual 82-year-old issues, and he wants to be able to spend his final years among family in his home country. Dying in an American nursing home is just not an option I'm willing to...
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    living cost for one person in BA?

    So if my father, who is 82 and has lived in the USA for almost 40 years, returns to Argentina and goes to apply for health insurance, he should expect to have to pay over $1k a month? What if he went without private insurance and relied on the public system, is that a bad idea? Do private...
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    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    Is it a common practice when buying real estate in ARG to haggle over property prices? If it's a buyer's market, how much leverage would we have when it comes to these overpriced properties requiring sinking a hefty sum into updating and cleaning up? Another thought: there might be a business...
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    Do you know anyone in B.A? Sounds like it would be much easier to send them the money and have the person buy the tickets for you locally, then give them to you when you arrive.
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    Any expats here been able to fully get rid of their accent?

    That American guy in those videos makes me cringe with secondhand embarrassment. He thinks he's being cool and original but as someone upthread mentioned, it's all slang and exaggerated and not really true to life. It's the equivalent of someone passing off Valley Girl American English as all...
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    Recommendations on Moving Companies (LA -> BA)?

    I'm planning a move in early 2020 and while I don't plan on bringing any big furniture, just personal items, clothing, some kitchen items, etc. I was budgeting about $2k. I like the idea of starting fresh and bringing nothing, but I have things that are irreplaceable such as family...
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    Recommendations on Moving Companies (LA -> BA)?

    Starts at $5k? That sounds really high. For a 1 bedroom apartment with no large appliances or a car?
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    Change in Codigo Civil - 3 Months Maximum Rental Term and Commission Paid by Owner

    When I visited last year I used ByTArgentina to rent an apartment for a month. MUCH cheaper than Air B&B. Had an excellent experience, the owner and agent met me to let me in even early on a Sunday morning and they were very helpful. Excellent response via email and phone when making the...
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    My wife (Argentinian) claims you can live "well" on $1500 a month in Argentina. True?

    I don't know, dozens of my Argentinian relatives have managed to live good and happy lives in Buenos Aires for decades and have turned out OK. They put their children in public schools and every child has gone on to be college graduates and become successful architects, engineers, software/tech...
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    Argentina vs. EU

    Thank you everyone for your input. I do have lots to think about and consider. Having the option of both ARG and Spanish citizenship is a nice fluke, but I will tell you that it caused all sorts of issues for my poor father whenever we traveled back to ARG on family visits back in the 70s and...
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    Argentina vs. EU

    A long story short.... my parents were Argentines who lived and married in Spain, and I was born in Barcelona. Returned with me to Arg when I was an infant, lived there several years, then emigrated to the US in the early 80's. I am a US citizen. I am now considering moving out of the US and...
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    Shipping A Dog Cargo Houston -> Ba

    Good stuff, thanks for posting! I'm looking to bring my dog over in the next couple years, I'm printing your post out for future reference, so this is very helpful! The amount of papeleria you had to go through does not surprise me at all, though! Oh, Argentina.
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    Retired Us Military Expat Groups?

    Does anyone know of any groups or regular meetups in BsAs for retired US military members? Thinking specifically of US Navy veterans but would be interested in hearing about whatever is out there. Thanks!
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    My impression since childhood has always been that to get anything done in ARG, bribes of one form or another were routine, and no one cared. I know my dad several times greased the way for paperwork to get through the Depto de Policia regarding some passport issue, sometimes cash but also a few...
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