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    iPhone or Itouch?

    I've got a iTouch and it suits my needs. One nice this is that McDonalds does free wi-fi in BA so i used to pop in there every time i wanted to check my email or search for something on the internet. Also the green line has free wi-fi on it.
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    Power socket same as Australia?

    you won't fry your laptop as the voltages are the same 220-240V. Though you may need to buy an adaptor if your pins are too thick.
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    PADI Diving course?

    I did my PADI advanced open water this August. It was awesome. However I did the theory online in July before I did the practical in August. This was a good idea as it meant that i could just relax in the afternoons after my dives, rather than having to spend the time studying. The only problem...
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    Brunch in Palermo

    there is a place called Oui Oui, great french toast :) go and give it a try 6068 Nicaragua,+buenos+aires&fb=1&split=1&cid=12112755880021572121&li=lmd&ll=-34.577908,-58.438375&spn=0.005645,0.012853&z=17&iwloc=A
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    Just wanted to say thanks

    @Kvitka Spanglish is an evening where native english and spanish speakers meet up. They have it at three different locations 4 nights a week. It costs 15$AR and you get a drink with that. Coffee, Coke or beer...I am not sure what else you are allowed. Also there is a happy hour where you can...
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    Just wanted to say thanks

    Just want to say a big thanks to BAJoe and mary79 I am currently going to Native Tuition and I have to say I enjoy their classes. I prefer one 2 one learning so it works well for me. So thank you for that suggestion. It is fairly cheap about 5€ an hour. I also went to Spanglish tonight for...
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    tickets are bought...see you all when we get back :)
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    So what's the plan?
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    Out and about in Palermo

    I have just moved into Palermo, and would love to meet up as I don't know that many people here.
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    Meet for Coffee?

    I am reading this thread. I would be interested in going for a coffee...though I am not female...hope that isn't a problem ;)
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    I would be up for going. I don't need to renew my visa but I would like to Colonnia. Let me know if you need a travel buddy.
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    Why are we introducing ourselves and whatnot? Lets meetup.

    I'd be interested in coming, where is this bar exactly?
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    Travel Buddies to Bariloche

    i am free to go at any time, and 4-5 days sounds perfect. all what would deter me from going would be if the cost was too high.
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    Washing Clothes

    @Bianca where in palermo do you take it?